Lockdown cooking….

So honestly, this blog, I started doing because I was 100% bored! 😂. I wouldn’t have ever thought about doing anything like this before but now I’ve got into it and finally figured out how to kind of edit pages and add stuff to the site I’m actually enjoying it! Let’s see if I actually keep it up 🤦🏻‍♂️

It’s week two of lockdown and I am going out of my f**king mind 😫. Shouldn’t moan as we are all in the same boat but seriously..what the hell is there to do?! Every day is the same, wake up, shower, cook, watch shit on Netflix, read, exercise, cook, watch shit on netflix, read, sleep! It’s soul destroying. Apart from the cooking of course, the one thing that actually gets me through the day!

I know everyone is saying it but I can not wait to get back to work and back into the kitchen again, saying that as soon as I am guaranteed I’ll be moaning about working the long shitty hours again 😂. But seriously I do miss it and don’t think I realised how much I do enjoy my job until now. Also miss having a sneaky steak, mushroom and sun blushed tomato sandwich with whoever else was on shift while the head chef wasn’t working 🤫 My work we’re actually doing orders for staff last week so I stocked up on meat and had a fruit & veg box which was full to the brim, week two and you would not believe how much has gone! I am definitely the kind of person who eats when they are bored, that and I just start cooking even if no one is hungry because I’ll be reading a cookbook and can’t resist going to cook whatever recipe it was I just read 😂. Frustrating now as I don’t drive and live in a small town with a shop which has only the basics, so I read a recipe, have to cook it…but can’t actually get hold of half the stuff I need to do it 😭.

So I’m just going to do what I can, and one thing I have loads of is flour! So over the next few weeks Im going to be baking bread 🥖 pastries 🥮 and cakes 🍰 !!! 😋 Some recipes will be from books I have in which case I’ll leave a link to the recipe and others will be ones I’ve adapted through my time as a chef. Before my current job now I was head chef at an Italian bistro which was also a tearoom. And I might be a bit bias but we 100% had the best scones in the Cotswold 😝

So it would be rude not to share this recipe with you guys wouldn’t it?! 🤔


So that’s final then 😂 lockdown cooking, recipe #1 of the blog. Cotswolds best fruit scones 😍

Recipe coming in the next day or two so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for reading guys.

Cc 🍽

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