A little bit about me….

New to this blogging malarky but hey, I can do this ..can’t I? Well we shall see I guess, if no one ends up reading this then shit! Haha fingers crossed someone has got enough time on there hands to read about my boring life 😝 I’m going to use this blog to basically walk you through my days as a chef and as a massive food lover. I love cookbooks and will be cooking recipes throughout and posting pictures and telling you thoughts of the recipe and of course telling you how it tastes! I’ll also share with you places you must go to enjoy a must have meal, wether that’s a 3 course meal at a Michelin stared restaurant or a salt beef bagel at borough market in London (<<first must visit place right there people! 🥯) Anyway I’ll start by just telling you a little bit about myself..apart from my name..that I’ll be keeping a secret. So I’m 29 years old and live in a small town in the cotswolds, I’ve lived here all my life and to be honest I love it….well most of the time anyway. My love for food started quite late in life, when I was younger I was the fussiest of kids! The list of foods I wouldn’t eat was definitely longer than the ones I would. I don’t have many memories of food apart from one that stands out, that being me, my brother and step sisters and brother arguing over who would get the end of the Milano salami on a trip to Italy 😂 I wouldn’t eat most things but for some reason salami I couldn’t eat enough of! (And still can’t) At the age of 16 I got my first job in the catering industry as …yes you guessed it, a kitchen porter. Working Saturday and Sundays for a shitty wage and hating every minute of it, apart from one and that was lunch time. It was a small cafe so the food wasn’t amazing but to me it was a first. I didn’t get to choose what I ate so the first time I was given lunch I had chicken strips, salad, chips and it was all drizzled with sweet chilli sauce 🌶 I loved it!! And every weekend ..each day that’s what I would have. Looking back now I wish I had the steak but oh well 😂 I only worked at this cafe for about 2 months before unfortunately getting fired for turning up late to many times (that I blame on the girl I was seeing at the time 😂) being late would be something I carried through to other jobs but now have learnt that it’s the first and most important thing to make sure you keep on top of when having a job, especially as a chef! After the cafe I had a few other jobs also as a kitchen porter, gradually getting involved a-bit more with the kitchen prep in each job. Just basic things like peeling and chopping vegetables. Still at this point I wasn’t really interested in cooking and didn’t pay any attention to my surroundings or what was happening in a professional kitchen. It was only when I got to the next job that I finally started paying attention, but not because I wanted too but because my soon to be head chef and his wife opened my eyes and would end up being two of the most influential people in my life…

“Do as I say, not as I do”

Obviously a common quote but at the time it was the first time I had heard it, and it’s stuck in my head ever since. Although I 100% disagree with it in a chefs world… Anyway this job was the start of me becoming a chef and finding my love for food. I was grabbed and pushed into the kitchen and haven’t looked back since! Well maybe once or twice when you can’t get the sound of the ticket machine out of your head on a busy bank holiday weekend 😭. Fast forward to now and I’ve done my professional cookery nvqs which if I’m honest I didn’t learn much from, everything I learnt was from my first head chef. I’ve been a sous chef for a private golf company, head chef for a little bistro in my town and now finally I’m a chef de partie in a team of 6 in an award winning pub. It’s the first time being in a kitchen with more than just two of us so it’s an interesting experience and although I’ve only been there 6 months I’ve learnt so much! So that’s it, that’s me. 29, chef de partie in the Cotswolds and just working my way through life one day and one recipe at a time. Looking forward to cooking some recipes with you guys and taking it from there. Thanks for reading …if anyone is out there ? 😬🧐